Rob Ward's Website

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My name is Rob Ward and this website is where I am attempting to document what projects I work on and things that interest me in general.

I am a Software Engineer specialising in Linux Development with focus on embedded systems, Linux Kernel development, "distro" development, Security and Networking. I have also worked on application development within embedded systems and web development. I also have a habit of finding random pieces of code or areas of development and learning them just to see how they work.

I currently reside in Yorkshire in the UK.

I have several hobbies ranging from flying model helicopters(crashing them with style may be more accurate) to gaming and going to the cinema. I also have an extensive collection of DVDs, most are TV series which I generally prefer over movies, most are SciFi/Fantasy series and I have way too much information about random TV universes in my brain to be considered healthy.

Most of the content of this site is contained within the log where I'm trying to document what I work on and when....